After 65

Your Medicare eligibility starts at age 65, even if retirement does not. You may decide to work until 66 or 67 until you reach your full Social Security benefits, or just enjoy what you do and wish to continue to do so. If you are considering delaying retirement until after you turn 65, please consider asking your plan benefits coordinator the following questions:

  • Do I need to enroll in Medicare Part B to remain on the current plan?

  • Will my coverage change now that I am eligible for Medicare?

  • How much will my coverage cost?

  • Is our coverage considered creditable per Medicare standards?

The amount you pay is important to know to help you determine what the bottom line cost is for your health coverage and to compare it to your options with Medicare, Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplements. 

You will likely be automatically enrolled in Part A, but you will need to determine if it is necessary for you to enroll in Part B. Enrollment in Part B does come with a premium and you can be penalized if you enroll later without creditable coverage. If you do have creditable coverage from your employer, you may sign up later with a Special Enrollment Period.