Medicare Enrollment Periods - Options Outside of Annual Enrollment


If you are a Medicare Beneficiary, you watched as another Annual Enrollment Period has come and gone. What you may not know is that you still have many opportunities throughout the rest of this year and through next, to pick-up or switch your plan selection.

There are over 30 different qualified election periods entitling Medicare Beneficiaries to switch their plans or select a plan for the first time if they qualify. One of the most commonly used election periods is that available for someone gaining Medicare eligibility for the first time. Generally for someone who is turning 65, this election period gives the new Medicare Beneficiary a 7 month window to select a Medicare Advantage Health Plan or a Prescription Drug Plan.

Another frequently used election period here in Southwest Florida is the election period for change in residence. This election period allows individuals who have just moved outside of the service area of their current plan to select a new plan option where they newly reside. Beneficiaries have a two month window after they have moved to make the appropriate changes to their Medicare plans. For those Medicare Beneficiaries that were still working during the Annual Enrollment Period and who have now decided it’s time to retire, we have an election period for you as well. Whether you decided to leave your employer group health plan, or you are involuntarily at a loss to it, there is an available election period for you to select a Medicare Advantage Health Plan.

Navigating the Medicare Health Plan market can be confusing and frustrating for many Medicare Beneficiaries. Especially if you are not aware of the plethora of options you have available to you. If you are unsatisfied with your current Medicare Health Plans, or if you are interested in knowing the options you have available to you, Informed Choice can assist you in shining a light on your choices. Whether you would prefer a one-on-one, free consultation or would like to join us for our Medicare Monday presentations, call Informed Choice toll free at 1-877-446-3676.